Serve up a better griddle.

Griddles made with FASTAL heat up quicker, don't have hotspots and are 30% lighter than solid carbon steel.

Cooks will love them!

It's all in our FASTAL datasheet.

FASTAL combines 3 layers: stainless steel - aluminum - stainless steel, so your customers get a lighter, quicker griddle with uniform heat distribution. That means it's easier to install and will use less energy.

Faster heat up and cool down time  FASTAL offers excellent thermal conductivity for fast heat up and rapid cooling down. The aluminum core delivers a heat transfer rate far superior than pure stainless steel.

Optimum cooking uniformity  The aluminum core facilitates an even temperature distribution over the entire plate surface regardless of the heat source.

Lightweight and low maintenance One-third the weight of carbon steel, the extremely durable, corrosion resistant stainless-steel surface has strong resilience to frequent temperature changes. It is easy to clean and reduces sticking and eliminates flavor transfer.

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products has more than 50 years experience supplying clad plates to major manufacturers of premium griddles worldwide.

Highly conductive and corrosion resistant alloys FASTAL consists of a highly conductive aluminum core metalurgically bonded between two corrosion resistant sheets of stainless steel. Grades include 304, 316, 430 and 436.

Premium griddle applications Engineered for high performance commercial and residential griddles and suitable for electric or gas cooking surfaces. The plate is also suited for applications where corrosive materials are contained, and food surfaces where hygiene and cleanliness are critical.

Small volumes and short lead times We can supply small lot sizes for specialized requirements and rapid lead times.

Up to 3/4 Inch Thick Our plate is available in thicknesses from 3/8 to 3/4 inch (9.52mm to 19.05mm).