Clad plate for high performance pressure vessels.

Increase strength, corrosion and pressure resistance of your pressure vessels with ASME and ASTM certified clad plates AND save costs.

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We roll bond high quality clad plates for extreme heat, pressure and corrosion resistance - engineered to improve pressure vessel performance.

Proven Roll-Bonded TechnologyOur hot-rolling bonding process ensures the bond between dissimilar metals can withstand the highest mechanical stress for supreme strength and reliability. We typically roll bond up to 3 alloys.

ASTM and ASME CertifiedOur pressure vessel plate can be supplied to meet ASME BPVC Sec II and ASTM A263, A264 or A265. We regularly work with international design codes and end user specifications.

Corrosion Resistant BPVC Rated Materials We specialize in high corrosion resistant alloys for pressure vessels including: Stainless Steels, Nickel and Nickel Alloys, Inconel®, Monel®, Hastelloy®, Aluminum, Carbon steel, Titanium. Other alloys available upon request.

50 years experience developing ASME clad plate for the world’s major pressure vessel manufacturers.

Pressure Vessel Applications Our roll bonded clad metal plate is custom-engineered for the shell, header and transition pieces of pressure vessels and pressure tanks. We work closely with ASME pressure vessel manufacturers to meet exacting specifications.

Demanding Industries Our plate is used in pressure vessels that operate in industries that include oil and gas, industrial, chemical, petroleum processing, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, and EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction).

Small Volumes and Short Lead Times We can supply small lot sizes for specialized requirements and rapid lead times. Minimum order quantity starts from as little as 2 units.

Under 1 Inch Thick Our plate is engineered in thicknesses from 3/16” to 1” (4.76mm to 25.4 mm).