Let's get precise on water atomized metal filter powders

No company offers more water atomized alloys than us - in more
than 25 particle sizes.

It's all in the datasheet.

We are experts in achieving narrow particle size ranges and desired shapes. This allows you to design filters with custom pore sizes and precise flow restriction to match your customers' specifications.

50 Years Filter Powder Expertise We have extensive experience controlling chemistry and particle size distribution (PSD). Our metallurgists and engineers work with you to develop standard and custom filter powders. This includes advanced materials selection for next gen filters.

High Performance AlloysWe offer the widest range of stainless steel, Inconel®, Hastelloy®, Monel® and Nickel alloy powders for precision liquid and gas filtration.

Available Sizes More than 25 different particle “cuts” from coarse 20 mesh to fine 10 micron sizes with tightly controlled ranges.



AMETEK Specialty Metal Products supply water atomized filter grade metal powdersto major global manufacturers of critical filtration systems worldwide.

Mission Critical Applications Our precision filter powders are used in industries ranging from Chemical Processing, Automotive, Pharmaceutical to Medical where corrosion, high temperature and high pressure resistance is critical.

COVID-19 Filter Powders for Ventilators Our sintered porous metal filter powders are typically used in porous flow restrictors that control oxygen flow in critical ventilator units that have saved lives in the COVID-19 epidemic.

Rapid Response We currently offer exceptionally short lead times and small minimum order quantities due to the current pandemic. Standard orders start from as little as 100 lbs/45.4 kg.

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