99.98% Purity Nickel Strip for improved battery performance.

Greater power transmission with electrical conductivity 15-20% higher than cast products.

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Our high purity 99.98% nickel strip offers major advantages in rechargeable battery production

  • Highest Conductivity Nickel
  • Consistent Chemistry Control
  • Standard and Custom Sizes & Tempers
  • Short Lead-times
  • Small Minimum Order Sizes


We manufacture high purity nickel strip to specific customer requirements using wrought powder metallurgy technology. Our process enables us to produce high conductivity materials used in collectors and connector tabs for many battery chemistries.

Available Nickel grades: Ni200, Ni 201, Ni270, 899L and 899A

Thickness range: Down to 50 microns

Wrought Powder Metallurgy Process
Our powder metallurgy strip process produces high purity nickel strips which are uniquely suited for battery applications. Very low impurity levels are achievable and dispersed phase alloying approaches can be utilized to advantage. Tight control over low level alloying additions is also an inherent advantage of our process.

Battery Applications
Our pure nickel strip is the premier material for battery connections in critical applications including: power tools, oil pipelines, hybrid electric vehicles, consumer electronics, pacemakers, aerospace and defense.

50 years of Metallurgical Expertise
Located in Wallingford, CT, USA, we are a pioneer in custom-made high purity metal strip with more than 50 years of experience and numerous patents in technically advanced metallurgical materials.

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