High quality nuclear tubes for improved power plant performance.

Reduced plant maintenance, enhanced safety and cost efficiencies with precision engineered tubes.

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We manufacture high performance tubes with extreme heat, pressure and corrosion resistance – engineered to improve nuclear power plant performance.

Nuclear Expertise We support customers at the earliest stages of design engineering for new builds, plant maintenance, global life extension projects and Small Modular Reactors (SMR).

Nuclear Tube Alloys Include titanium alloys (Ti CP Grade 2), zirconium alloys (Zircaloy 2, Zircaloy 4), nickel alloys and super alloys, specialised stainless steels and duplex steels.

Ancillary Nuclear products Our specialty metal product portfolio also includes: precision stainless steel strip for braising foil in the fuel bundle assembly in Candu reactors, zirconium strip for fuel assembly straps in PWR reactors, stainless steel and nickel based roll bonded clad plate, shaped wire and components as well as atomized metal powders.

75 years experience developing quality assured tubes for the world’s major nuclear reactor suppliers.

Nuclear Applications Include primary and field instrumentation, control rods / RCCA's, fuel cans, cladding tubes, flux thimble guide tubes, grid sleeves and flux detectors. Precision, integrity and 100% reliability are paramount to these applications.

Quality Assured Tubes NADCAP certifications for Heat Treatment, NDT and Welding. RCC-M Accredited based on ASME III requirements.

Short Lead times Fine Tubes have the engineering resources to support short lead times for qualification and production.

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